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Episode 3: Self-Identity Part 1

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Dan and Jen will discuss beliefs, their limiting nature and thoughts about moving beyond them. Additional time will be devoted to the influence of our beliefs on meditation/relaxation sessions, mindfulness, the human energy system, spiritual progress and our Basic Rights.

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Jennifer and Dan work with individual clients in private sessions. Brief descriptions of this work is outlined below.

Dan Cohen

I’m trained as a Neurologist, but I have a passion for personal and spiritual development. My developmental path is documented in the book, Addicted To My Ego. I’ve also co-authored Claim Your Basic Rights, Create a Practical Partnership with Your Soul and Claim Your Basic Rights, Embody Your Soul with Jennifer Palmquist. Jennifer and I began working together to build our psycho-spiritual tool set in 1999, based upon some of her work which she had been doing for decades.

I work from the perspective that everyone has access to Source (of which we are) and as we better understand and accept our ego, we also become more accepting of our true nature and cognizant of our inner wisdom. With that premise my work with clients unfolds along two simultaneous paths; understanding our egoic processes and developing greater awareness of our true nature. With progress there is greater acceptance of oneself in totality, as we better integrate our personal and spiritual self.

Sessions with clients take place in person or by phone and last one hour. Life’s events provide much to discuss to assist in understanding the workings of our ego, which occupies about half of the session. During the remainder of the session we discuss the application of psycho-spiritual principles and practices to further our spiritual integration. Feel free to contact me at to schedule an appointment.

Jennifer Palmquist

I am an artist, depth coach, and spiritual mentor. My ability to perceive and communicate with a person’s authentic, energetic self since early childhood has allowed me to understand the interplay between a person’s psychology and spiritual self. Using my gifts I have been able to develop, test and refine methodologies to further my client’s personal development and unfolding consciousness.

I believe the human experience calls for us to engage in the day-to-day messiness of life. We are not here to be above it enabling the separateness that is so prevalent today in our society. We are here to get dirty, to experience life’s duality and claim our divine inheritance. In this way we can truly spiritualize matter with both feet on the ground.

Through depth coaching, spiritual guidance and transformative art methodologies I create a safe  structure to dive deeply into our inner world, exploring ego misconceptions, claiming lost parts of ourselves and leaning into the Truth of what we are. Once we exist in this way we can live more deeply engaged in the human experience and work together to make this world a better place.

I work with clients by phone and in person. Please contact me at to schedule an appointment.

Biographical Information for Dan and Jen
Dan Cohen
Dr. Daniel Cohen is a Neurologist and a serial entrepreneur. He co-founded Round River Research Corp. to study the healing and psycho-spiritual effects of synchronized sounds, vibrations and electro-magnetic fields. He is the inventor of BodySound™ technology introduced in 2013. He holds numerous patents related to EEG signal processing, physiologic analysis algorithms and additional utility patents related to synchronized sound, vibration and electro-magnetic fields and their effect on the body and mind. He teaches personal development and has authored the book, Addicted To My Ego and co-authored Claim Your Basic Rights, Create a Practical Partnership with Your Soul and Claim Your Basic Rights, Embody Your Soul with Jennifer Palmquist.
Previously, he co-founded CNS until it was acquired by GlaxoSmithKline. CNS, a developer and marketer of hi-tech medical products (brainwave monitors and sleep disorders diagnostic equipment) was best known for its consumer products, the Breathe Right® nasal strip and FiberChoice™ chewable fiber supplement.
Dr. Cohen has a BS from Penn State University and MD from Temple Medical School. His training is in Neurology at the University of Minnesota and is a Diplomat of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. While presently not practicing clinical neurology, he remains a board-certified neurologist.

Jennifer Palmquist
Jennifer Palmquist is an artist, depth coach, healer and spiritual mentor. Her ability to perceive the intricacies of the human energy system since early childhood has allowed her to understand the interplay between a person’s psychology and spiritual Self. Using this knowledge she has been able to test and refine methodologies to further her clients personal development.
In her twenties Jennifer experienced a deepening of her spiritual unfoldment and committed to a more rigorous spiritual practice. During that time her mentoring of others resulted in an understanding of our Basic Rights. These Rights are aligned hierarchically with the ten chakra system and represent our divine inheritance. Over the past several decades her observations of certain individuals has yielded much of the content used in our Spiritual Progression Chart.
Jennifer has co-authored Claim Your Basic Rights, volumes one and two. During college and subsequently Jennifer has studied; Reiki, cross-cultural healing modalities, breath work, hypnosis, numerology, expressive arts, and depth coaching. She is also trained in the School of Realism and other transformative art modalities.

Beyond Ego Webinar Series

These webinars are FREE and are designed to help people have a more fulfilling human experience. In our process we do not denigrate or cast the ego aside, as it is necessary in life. Instead we seek to understand and refine it. Our philosophy is to enlighten the ego such that it will allow and assist in the process of spiritual embodiment, creating greater joy and profound personal transformation. It is our belief that spirit is already enlightened and so spiritual development isn’t necessary.

Each webinar has a theme. The ten primary topics are beliefs, control, self-identity, awareness, trust, purpose, gratitude, humility, love and awakening. By using these topics alone and in combination approximately 100 themes will be covered during the next several years. In addition to a discussion specifically about the theme, there will also be time dedicated to theme-related comments regarding meditation/relaxation sessions, mindfulness, the human energy system, spiritual progression chart and our Basic Rights. Dan and Jen will also answer questions (received by email at

Each webinar will last approximately 75 minutes. Due to the variety and mixing of themes there is no beginning or end to the series, so participants can join anywhere in the series. However, participants must enroll in advance of each webinar. The webinars also cover some content related to the books, Addicted To My Ego and Claim Your Basic Rights Volumes 1 & 2, which are highly recommended as collateral reading.