Some people think that using technology for relaxation or spiritual development is somewhat contradictory. Why would anyone use man-made technology to effect a change in one’s degree of relaxation or spirituality? In this case, the technology is simply a way of stimulating an individual with natural phenomena. The sound, vibration and magnetic fields are coordinated in a manner to suppress the egoic functions that maintain vigilance and maximize spiritual embodiment. Both of these changes facilitate profound relaxation and greater spiritual development.

The technology consists of an amplifier and transducers built into a comfortable delivery platform, which uses layered music to induce synchronized sounds, vibrations and magnetic fields.

The seating portion of the chair contains the back and seat transducers. Due to the fiberglass construction the entire seating structure vibrates homogeneously. It also emits sound. The ambient sound level is independently adjustable and headphones can be used if desired. Headphone usage is generally recommended to block out any extraneous noise or if one wishes to run the chair more quietly. Otherwise headphone usage is not necessary and generally not recommended.

The seat transducer is the workhorse of the technology. The mass-loaded cone (1 pound of aluminum) moves up and down creating some sound, but a lot of vibration. That motion and the manner in which it is attached to the fiberglass, causes the whole transducer to move, including the large magnet at the bottom. This motion creates a dynamic magnetic field containing bass and midrange frequencies. That field also transmits faster frequencies from the smaller magnetic field created by the voice coil.

Music has been specifically designed for use with technology. The music is layered – multiple melodies play simultaneously so that it becomes tiresome to follow the music. The intention is to have the user not be listening to the music and instead to develop an inattentive state of mind. There is also bass and midrange frequencies throughout most of the music track to maintain the integrity of the magnetic fields.

Commercial music can be used with the technology. However it is recommended that any music used have a significant amount of bass and low midrange frequencies throughout the soundtrack. Another reason that the music provided is layered is to provide a broad spectrum of frequency content in order to stimulate the entire range of the energy system.

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